Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is Halloween...Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

Back when I was a kid I used to think that I had psychic powers. Either telepathy, telekinesis or precognition. I couldn't move shit to save my life, but I thought I could will traffic lights green, that I knew what people were going to say before they could say it, or predict other events. I believed that my Powers grew from March 31st until they peaked on Halloween. Of course I didn't, but still...It was a nice to think so back then.

I've always loved Halloween, but this year I'm not quite in the mood. So this is my Lift-Me-Up post to get in the spirit. We're having what I think may be a blow out party this year. We've invited a bunch of new friends we've met this year through our Drawing Meet Up, and we're going to have have lights, a smoke machine and Karaoke in which I will blast away at The Time Warp and scare everyone in the house.

Here are some photos from Plattner-ween of the past:







Some really cool Ilustrations by: Matthew Kirscht


Here: Here's a version of Season of the Witch by Dr. John and the Blues Brother's Band (thought I think Clapton is there too).

Did you like it and want to hear more? I just found 19 more here:

Now we'll toss in some retro Halloween Pin Ups:

via janitoroflunacy.tumblr.com

Read the Entire Book O' Hallowe'en (1919)

Let's End it with The Halloween Tree:

By the time we've all finished this post to it's conclusion, I think we'll all be closer to making it be a Phantasmagorical Halloween.

This is just what the witch doctor ordered. Thank you, LOVE IT! That's the spirit! Glad to have a chance to spy on your past Halloween costumes. Can't wait to see you at your party! My daughter is going to be a goth fairy. xoxo
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