Saturday, August 08, 2009

When Google Voicemail Transscription Goes Wrong

My wife got a voicemail from her sister tonight and Google Voice transcribed it and sent it to her. Her sister, Cynthia, has a strong Brazilian accent, so this is what Google thought she said:

And all that's me time here phone services. You might be getting ready to go out so it's not a message of Pentecost out for a run by you, but I guess we'll talk later. Love you bye.

I have no idea what she said.

whta happened to mi Mactonnies. Please Let us know
Hi Ninni,
I passed along you're question to what I thought was Mac this morning only to be told he was found dead in his apartment yesterday afternoon.


I'm really stunned right now and don't know what to say. I considered Mac a friend and have just gone into shock right now.
http://extracranial.blogspot.com/ heres some stuff also, by Mac. Its his otehr blog
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