Friday, April 17, 2009

Become a successful Internet Celebrity, Author and Motivational Speaker all in one shot!

While dozing on a plane in a Hypnogogic state when I had a revelation:

How to become a successful Internet Celebrity, Author and Motivational Speaker all in one shot! And I'm giving it to you because I'm too lazy to do it myself.

1. Find "your thing". In this case it is becoming "Captain Cake Man" The foundation is this: It's obvious that death and tragedy can come at any time in any place without warning...but so can cake. Of the two, I'd take cake.

2. Do your thing: "Captain Cake Man" can start small. Go to the bakery at a grocery store, and just buy a regular low priced cake. It doesn't matter what kind, just make it big enough to feed at least 10 people or so.

3. Brand your thing: Design a logo, get a website and a special email address. Print it up on some stickers and stick them on your cake box.

4. Hitting the bricks: Every couple of days, buy a cake, slap a sticker on it, pick an office building at random and give them a cake. Don't tell them about the death thing, because will weird them out, but instead tell them that "Cake Happens, or I'm Captain Cake Man, that's what I do."

5. Document your thing: Take pictures and movies of you delivering the cake. Post them on your website. If you get a chance, start meeting people and talking to them. Ask them if there's anything they've done to make people happy. Keep their emails. Collect stories. This will become a full time vocation, so don't half-ass it. Nobody likes a half-ass Personality. Do not besmirch the Captain Cake Man image. Remember, it takes a while to become an overnight success, but it is possible if you keep it up.

6. Eventually someone will notice you and you will start getting a lot of attention. Keep it up. Keep collecting stories and photos. And when you get enough you be able to publish a book like the Post Secret Guy. Perhaps you can quit your job and make your own cakes with your own logo decoration. Soon you will have enough stories and photos to go on a speaking tour about commiting Random Acts of Cakeness.

7. Profit? I sure hope so because it's an awesome idea that is bound to be successful. Go forth, Good Luck and Happy Caking.

Cute cake! And great idea, too! What a kind, fun, and simple way to make a few people happy...even if just for a little bit. :o)
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