Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Dream on Little Man

Spotted on North Carolina Craigslist:

Looking For Something to Look At: "Looking for a female to hang out in an apartment whilst wearing nothing but stockings and glasses like Charlie Sheen's in 'Major League'.

Must be comfortable with hanging out with a small group of guys while naked. Looking for a girl who can spend a few quality hours watching Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring, with us.

There is no compensation for this, as spending time in my presence is surely enough to cover your time spent.

Reply with pic/reason why I should pick you."

My response: Your presence is not enough. You need to play the lady. Which could, at 12 bucks an hour, get you a pretty hot figure drawing model if you played your cards right.

ROFL...I can't believe you found that one!!! That is too much! And Hey, stay away...that could be my gig!!!
I actually sent him that email at craigslist. Who knows that might make them want to cough up some dough.
Might be a bunch of 15 year olds....maybe if they pool their lunch money together
Whoops. I meant pay
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