Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Definately some trading going on in the NĂ¼ Economy

I walked out of the house tonight with a bag of books to give away, a Jerry Garcia Figure to loan out. I came home with a 10 lb bag of rice, transporting some DVDs between one guy and my neighbors, which I swapped out for a book loan.

This weekend I will be taking photos of this guy's paintings and helping him post them on Flickr because he lets me sit in on his painting sessions and gives me drive by art lessons.

3 minute pose

Tomorrow I'm going to try to hook up a coworker with some freelance work, and another artist with a bar caricature gig.

Changing things without money? We have that in Helsinki..books and dvds
It's not that my wife and I don't loan items to our friends, it's just that it seems like we are doing a lot more of it.

My brother in laws girlfriend somehow got an arrangement where this shepherd just gives her free bags of wool to spin into yarn because he likes keeping sheep and doesn't want the hassle of trying to sell the wool.
Nice! Any Ufos in Missouri..The location was an area south of St. Louis, Missouri.
Hi Esther,
They are usually in the SW corner of the state. There is never often anything in the St. Louis Area except Covert Military Testing: See Space Case http://is.gd/q5f2
Every captain performs controlling a group of agents professionally.
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