Monday, March 09, 2009

Coining a new word: Introducing SMUNK

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I'm coining a new word: Smunk n. sm(elly) (f)unk The disgusting odor of combined cooked foods in a communal lunchroom or cafeteria. Adj "this room smells smunky."

There's a reason why I only want to eat uncooked food at my desk. It's because my unventilated lunchroom smells smunky. When we first moved buildings (in which the entire first floor smelled smunky all the time), our lunchroom didn't reek, but then we began hiring new people for another department pushing us past the Smunkschild Radius which has created a permanent fog of foul miasma in that tiny room.

Yeah, good word for it. I worked at a corporate place where there was:

1. burnt popcorn gal
2. creepy too much garlic guy
3. eat fish every day girl
4. heavy on the cumin indian guy
5. what the hell smell is that person

so glad to work from home. only the canned cat food bugs me.
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