Monday, March 09, 2009

An amusing anecdote

Last week or so Alessandra and I went to a book swap at her knitting pal Michelle's house. I offloaded a ton of books and only came home with two magazines and a bottle of blue hair dye for my beard.

So the following week, we were back at Michelle's for knitting (I of course was drawing) and it's fun for me because the girls are Geek Girls and we can talk about Lost, BSG & SciFi stuff. Michelle had a few boxes of left over books she was going to donate, so I went over to look at the boxes.

"Hey Mark, that box over there is just boring text books. All the fiction are in the boxes in front of you."

"Oh that's ok, I'll take a look at the text books." Shuffle, shuffle. "Heyyyyyy!" I hold up a copy of "The Long Road" (my self published novel) ->

Stammered apologies ensue, but I'm not insulted at all. Despite my friends, and wife's assurance that it's a good book, I think it's probably no better than a Fan Fiction.

"Of all the boxes I didn't want you going into, you had to go and look there."

I'm really not offended at all, but I am amused.

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