Friday, February 06, 2009

This One Time...

I fell into a trash compactor while it was compacting. I was 16, working at Benihana's as a dishwasher on an early evening trash run. I was stomping down some boxes on a platform loading compactor when I fell in, with the top half sticking out of the hole, the piston slowly closing.

At the Time I thought it was just a sliding door that closed on the platform while the ram smashed boxes. I didn't know the door was the piston.

Luckily for me, my coworker Mark had come with me that day to grab a smoke before the rush, and hit the emergency stop. I would have either been crushed or cut in half.

This was a story that came to me while thinking of my 25 Random Things about me I'd been tagged with at Facebook.

Yes, I'm using Facebook, but to be honest I think it's totally lame. Everyday I'm hit with little green sprouts or beads. Really, I think the whole thing is bullshit. It's a shitty design with a shitty non-intuitive interface...it's a mall that sports a Kmart as an anchor store.

Maybe I'm not using it correctly, but using it feels empty...I don't like but I'm there anyway. Go figure.

I'm asked about twice a week to join Facebook.

My usual response is like the old man yelling at kids to get off his lawn. I just don't understand it.

Gia is on Facebook and I see what she does with it (or what little she does with it) and it boggles my mind. Twitter underwhelms me also.
"it's a mall that sports a Kmart as an anchor store."

This is the best description I've seen yet.
I really really hate facebook too, but like you, yet there I am.

I don't get it. WHY is it so huge? WHY is it that older people are all ga-ga over it? How the hell did they figure out how to use it?

Like you, I work on the Interwebs for a living, and that shit baffles me.

*throws a kitchen sink covered with rainbow glitter at you*
A) I'm still trying to figure out building and working on websites. I've come to the conclusion that it's a huge Kludge, (an inelegant work around), that somehow works in spite of itself.

B) Facebook is the least common denominator. It's a garbage site where your friends are and you can poke each other. It's Walmart.
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