Saturday, February 07, 2009

Numbers Game

This is something that came to mind last night as I was drifting off to sleep. I don't ever think about numbers so I thought this would make a fun post to how I relate to and see certain numbers.

0 Something representing nothing or a power of 10. How versatile is that?

1 Is both the loneliest number and the most crowded when we are unified. Uni = 1

2 Two can be as bad as one, it's the loneliest number since the number one.

3 Is a Magic Number. I don't know why one would say "I'm the third wheel" when accompanying a couple out for the evening. A 3rd wheel forms a tricycle and stabilizes the bike. Triva Fact: That idiom is not used in Brazil. According to Alessandra that person is said to be "holding the candle", which is a lot more sensual and to the point.

4 Used to be my favorite number, but now I find it rather boring with pointy corners because all I see is a square or trapezoid.

5 Mach Fuckin' 5! Chok, chok, chok... I still haven't seen the Speed Racer Movie.

6 One 1/2 of "Box Cars", the number of Brady kids (minus cousin Oliver) and to me generally a boring number. Just kind of there.

7 Supposed to be a lucky number. Hmmm. What does Cat Yronwode have to say?

8 Octopus, so wondrous and alien. I love them even at they give me the Willies Brings to mind hex #2f2f7d.

9 "If you talk about destructionnnn, don't you know that you can count me out (in)" Nine is a delightfully wonky number. It just seems "off" to me, but in a friendly way. Comes across in warm colors, and seems round.

10 "9, 10 a big fat hen". I think of 10 as an egg. Maybe it's because of the zero at the end. But is 10 a small hen's egg or full like an ostrich? I don't know. Right now I see an egg floating in space but pregnant with potential. I know that should be zero, but as of this writing, that's how 10 feels to me.

13 Highly over rated. I feel that #13 is that Goth kid with the Hot Topics clothing, starved for attention. Not like I've never been there myself, but still, I think 13 is a showboater. A generally nice number who occasionally needs a smack in the back of the head to keep it grounded.

First technically not a number, but a position. But how many firsts do you remember. First Kiss, First Fuck, First Car, First Concert...what about the little firsts? Last week for the first time I bought a fat red pepper at the store during lunch, cleaned it at office and ate it. First time ever...weird. It was a great pepper btw.

42 What you get when you multiply 6 x 9?

23 Oh you wacky Discordians how I ScrunkTheFlattoons you.

What number am I thinking of?

69 DUDE!

x because it's the "unknown"

3,5 and 8 have always been my favorites!!!
8 = enough.
8 is just cute and blobby. :o)
Interesting, intresting. Three mentions of #8. I wonder how we can skew that to mean something.
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