Monday, February 02, 2009

The Long Over Due Post

I hate January and February, they are like Death Months for me, at the bitter cold end of the earth. So I haven't felt like writing anything here, especially since I started using Twitter, which I must admit rocks! And to my knowledge, I know at there are at least 37 people who are following me, so they are forced to read my thoughts, as well as my friends on facebook because my Tweets are linked to my profile.

That said, what now? What's been going on? What have I been up to? Etc.

I began taking Bikram Yoga classes at the behest of a Sports Medicine Doctor in order to strengthen up and evenly work my muscles which I unbalanced in Boot Camp.

Bikram Yoga...fucking A, is probably the most brutal thing I've ever done to my body. I took my first class and thought, "Man, this is hellishly hot." But then I decided to take their suggestion and try at least 10 times in a month.

Yesterday afternoon I finished my 8th class and decided, "Fuck this. I am NOT going to buy another class." of the last 5 classes, I was only able to complete 1 entire class without being overwhelmed by the heat, and that was because it was the second class of the day and the room wasn't up to full temperature. Even with proper hydration, and and empty belly, I was ready to barf up some liquid acid, so I just lay there on my mat waiting for the cool air to hit me when I walked out the door.

I don't know if most participants know the biology and psychology of working in such a hot room. Not only does the heat detoxify your system, but it's also the same sort of extreme mental conditioning that allows you enter altered psychological states for the purposes of vision questing and spiritual seeking. Think about it, it has the potential to totally break down the ego. Extreme heat + stress positions = torture.

As I was laying there yesterday with my blood boiling, and my heart racing, I thought. "Dude, I would admit to anything if I were kept in this temperature for any length of time." and I had water!

While I enjoy the heated yoga, I'm going to go down the street to another place where the temperature is only 85 Degrees instead of 105-ish, and see how that goes.

Meanwhile, still drawing, but last weekend Alessandra posed for an artist friend for 3 hours and here are some pictures of the unfinished work. Click photo to see more


Yeah, I saw the pics you posted...great!!

This "Hot Yoga" seems to be the newest thing here...I don't get it...I know a doctor that goes; he should know better! Eventually someone will collapse of heat stroke! And if you want to sweat and detoxify, why not a sauna AFTER yoga??? But I agree when I first heard about it....fuck that!!!
I know of two doctor that go. My doctor and another guy who was talking yesterday in the locker room. My Dr. is 65 and he loves it. The idea is to jump start the yoga process and do other heat related treatments.

I don't know from heat stroke because I was plenty hydrated. I was just very, very uncomfortable laying there yesterday, heart racing, wondering if this could kill me.
I love the painter's interpretations of A. I did that hot yoga and the place i went to in my head was similar to feeling i get when in a submissive role. It does feel like pushing one's psyche, making it stronger. And thanks for twittering about Buddy my cat. He is un-insurable due to pre-existing thyroid condition. Much better today... he already argued with the neighbor cat.
Nice to see you back... :o)
That painting is awesome!

Hot yoga scares me.. I did a sweatlodge ceremony with a native once.. and I thought I was gonna die... I can only imagine how much worse that hot yoga could be.
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