Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Your Toes Demand Orgasms

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Alessandra found this ad in a magazine and she pointed out to me that these items are the very same items found in her nightstand; given to her by Dr. Lily Munster P.h. D, from Good Vibrations Adult Movies and Products.

*Footnote: Ramona - Offical YogaToes foot model.

Dr. Lily Munster??? I don't know if my feet need a vibrator.
Dr. Lily Munster, Dr. J, Dr. Feelgood, Shit, I forgot what we called Khena (who is now Dr. Fetus Taxi if she ever swings by to read this) was part of a large group of Psychology Grads who became friends (and all moved away :() when Dr. Lily moved in across the hall in our apt.

We saw Dr. Lily and Wrench Happy (her husband) in Utah last Spring where I officiated a wedding. Lily brought the gift of buzz.

Like the dog toys you posted, that's not how the toe buzzers are going to be used. -wink wink
Does she know you are telling the world what is in her night stand?
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She doesn't really care. After all we all know what's in her night stand is in pretty much everyone else's. And if someone claims it isn't they're either lying or really missing out. :)
Holy shit, that is the same naughty gift I got Ale!!! LMAO

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