Thursday, December 04, 2008

Wanna buy one?

Psst! Hey buddy, do you have any nude pictures of your wife?

No. I mean I do but I'm not gonna tell you that.

Wanna buy one?

Alvin, who is in my drawing group, held a gallery exhibit Tuesday Night and we went to support him and see what he's been up to when he isn't drawing here. One of the paintings was of Alessandra, who was our model last session. Wait, what? Yeah, Alessandra was posing nude in our living room to a group of men who were drawing her.

It was a nice framed oil pastel so we bought it.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Look at us...big shot art owners. Ooooo-weeeee-oooooooooo!

That is so cool!!! But I have one question....did you know that he was going to be exhibiting the painting?

And good for you Alessandra....not so sure I could work up the nerve to pose in front of a group....maybe after a few glasses of wine, lol.
No we did not. We were surprised when he told us it was there as 95% of what he had was landscape. Also, we overheard several guests saying it was their favorite piece. Al told me via email today that the other piece of Alessandra he had done, won First Prize last night at some gallery thingy.

As for posing...you already do HNT. Here at Casa Plattner we always provide our models with wine.
Wow....she (and you as well) must feel pretty good about that. What an honor.

As for Casa Plattner, I will remember that when I drive up next year....I have a preference for Pinot Grigio or plain ole vodka and lime does me fine too ;-)
WOW, your a beautiful model and I love the art piece, would have bought it myself even not knowing you. What a fun thing to do
Go Ale! Woot, woot!!!
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