Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spread 'Em

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I received a subscription to NetFlix for Xmas, and while Ale and I were looking though titles she said,"There are a lot of legs on these movie posters." She has quite the laser eye, nothing gets past her. And looking it up, sure enough it's a tradition that's gone back over 60 years.

PRINT Magazine - One Leg Leads to Another

like the phenomenon of the retweet, I discovered this is a pick up from Boing Boing last May

NetFlix is an obsession of mine. I got a subscription last year for Christmas and have used it to the utmost this past year. Mostly for the stuff you can watch online. Awesome. We just got our friends a Roku box for their TV so they can watch NetFlix flicks all the time. Awesome X 2!
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