Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Leaving 42, Entering 43

Photo 139

But, I still refer to myself as 42 (and .25 days as its still morning).

42...the magic number, but for some reason 43 also appeals to me because it has an odd feeling to it. Angular yellow and pointy. Maybe because it's prime.

Anyway, me and Alessandra have taken the day off of work, and we are now going to the art museum after having a waffle breakfast. Then we will have lunch and go see Synecdoche (a Charlie Kaufman film), followed by some house tidying then a nude figure drawing session with the beautiful/hot tattooed woman from my Boot Camp.

Gotta go. Adventure awaits!

Happy Birthday, old man! :)

I'm 42 and you still look a bunch of years younger than I do. Maybe if I dyed my goatee blue? Hmmm.
Happy birthday, Cap'n! :-)
Happy Belated B-Day! :o)
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