Friday, December 05, 2008

Babbles and other things

Another week has flown past and I am condensing my thoughts of the week into a flowing stream of a post as my brain sputters and farts a staccato beat.

Welcome Howard and Jeff from the past. 18 years has it been? Nearly so. Welcome to NTM.

I've set wheels in motion. Perhaps the seeds will bear a pomegranate fruit
(mixed metaphor)

It comes as no surprise that I love Poi Dog Pondering. In fact, Alessandra has standing orders to play them for me should I go into a coma, or something like that.

Now I actually had fantasies years ago that she would actually get them to play in the hospital to wake me up, but now I'm just being ridiculous.

It turns out that an old friend (who found me FaceBook), actually did go into a coma and was unconscious: "Chas kept me in the world by playing Poi in my ear day & night in an ICU ward for 5 weeks."

So there you go.

That said, it came as a shock the other day when I discovered that for a mere 2k that you can get Frank, the lead singer, and 3 other members to come and play in your living room. Of course, for less you can get two members, but trust me, it's an exponentially diminished experience.

Or instead, for a much less expensive evening, Frank will come downand cook dinner for you and your friends.

Now, I don't know about you, but I don't have 2k to blow on a private concert. And I'm sure the local fans I know wouldn't want to spend the dough. However I know a family in Cleveland consisting of 3 generations of Poi Dog fans (thanks to me), who MAY be willing to combine and pool resources (along with a chip-in from me) to pull this off. Mary-Helen is working hard to spread the word and reel-in the fish. More as this develops (or not)

Crazy-Ass/Beautiful, Brilliant Weird Mindfuck of a Movie
Synecdoche, New York

A theater director wins a grant and decides to put on a play about "Real Life" as his body is breaking down. Written and directed by Charlie Kaufman of Being John Malkovich. This one is far weirder. I highly recommend it.

Say what?

Being on the computer 85% of my waking day has trashed my already shaky communication skills, so whilst stumbling around I found a personal communication course, which I am now taking. First rules: Fucking Pay Attention to the World Around You. That's pretty simple, ne? Nope, it's a learned behavior that has to be worked with. But because I'm working hard to become a visual artist, it is a skill that will work for me.

Are you going to work in those clothes
I have 2 pairs of Gap quilt-lined cargo pants that I wear nearly every day of Winter, and have for the past 5 years or so. They are so played it's not even funny. This Summer I told Alessandra I would only wear them around the house. I love them, and they are the most comfortable clothing I own. They are the only things that stop me from going on a Winter Kill Spree, but they are so hole-y that they are almost unwearable. And certainly not to the office. BUT because it is cold outside right now, and all I do is sit on my ass all day (where the hole that's not on the seams is) I'm afraid the answer will have to be...YES.

A picture of a cat that isn't mine

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Today is Friday and I'm still employed
I wonder how long this recession will go on and how will it effect me and Alessandra.

Gonna Go Now
I started this post this morning and it's now 2pm. Time to go. Tonight we are having holding a Boba Happy Hour where the drink of choice for everyone but me and kids will be White Russians (boba style). It is another attempt at me dragging my birthday out for another day. Wheeeee!

The Dude appreciates the drink of choice at your happy hour.

Far out, man!
Happy Birthday!
Thank you very much! A birthday greeting after the fact injects a shot of much needed birthday into a boring monday. :)
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