Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Secret of Comedy.

The Scene:

I am at my in-laws farm figure drawing a nude woman from my computer. My father in law Harvey comes over and looks over my shoulder.

Harv: That looks like a difficult figure to draw. It twists her torso around.

Me: Yeah I could have probably picked an easier one to draw.

Harv: They're beautiful when they're shaved.

Me (mentally): Oh shit, not again (remembers earlier this year when Harvey found my digital porn). Says nothing.

Harv: The Pussy. When the pussy is shaved.

Me: Ahahahahahaah! Yeah Harv, I got that.

omg, good for a lol for a monday
This from the woman who's husband called me immediately post-coital after his "long vacation" from you.

And there's the secret: (Emotional, Physical or Mental)Trauma + Tension divided at Release = Comedy.
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