Friday, November 21, 2008

Craming it all in

A weeks worth of tiny posts, microblogs and stuff into one post, as well as as other interests crammed into one afternoon.

I'll start at random with an empathic "sorry" my friend "JR" who got laid off today. Very sorry to hear that. Fucking sucks. I hope this doesn't impact you for long. I know the feeling of dread and awfulness that accompanies this. You have to go through the entire death process with it.

With the economy being what it is, I wonder how long it will be until Alessandra or I get hit. My company took a huge hit in the 3rd quarter in net income. I hope they can weather the storm. We all got anniversary pins yesterday from the founders who traveled from office to office shaking hands and awarding us pins for service.

Yesterday felt so much like a Friday, I was outraged that it wasn't I decided to take a sick day in which I spent most of the morning running errands. Now by 1pm I have the cat on my lap, the webcam fixed (if you're interested in watching), but I can't get to my Bubble Tea.

Boba! I tried the experiment Alessandra found on line with store bought tapioca perals, last weekend but they sucked. So I looked it up on-line and bought commercial boba. Shipping was hideously expensive so I bought more to make up for it. It turns out that they ship from Hawaii! This morning on The Today Show, Suze Orman was yelling, "You've got to save money. Stop buying things on your credit card" but I dare say she doesn't have a jones for bubble tea. I made the boba and it is perfect, just like the place on The Loop that I love so much.

Just out of reach, damn you lap cat. You're too damn cute to move.

Other things. The other day I was driving home from work with a head full of snot, just bummed out and trapped in traffic. The local classic rock station was playing Magic Power by Triumph. "I'm young now, I'm wild now, I want to be free..." I loved this song when I was in my mid-teens. Back when I though all Rock n Rollers had to sing in the high octaves like Geddy Lee. My brief desire to be singer was extinguished by an inability to hit the high notes (or sing in key) with this song. But I remember the high this song used to give me because I was in fact full of youthful piss and vinegar. Here I am in stop and go traffic at age 41, not feeling too magic powerey. Luckily I have an awesome life, or I would have been superbummed out. There's the irony of life right there. Growing old and dying while the songs of your youth play on the radio, forever young. You answer to Life, The Universe and Everything all in one crystal moment. The gestalt of infinite humor right there... 42 indeed.

The next song was "Hang Fire" by the Rolling Stones. I hadn't heard the song in years. I was transported back to a bar/restaurant in Minocqua, WS. Getting drunk and playing Black Knight Pinball to this song. Over and over again, lost in my inability to connect with the other counselors at Summer Camp. So while everyone else laughed and played pool, I played pinball and tried to psychically merge with the machine to give me bonus free games.

FYI: The Boba is perrrrrrfect.

Who are you?
I tell a lot of people that I'm teaching myself to draw. Whether I'm good or not is irrelevant (not really, I am getting better, just slowly). But I don't say I'm an Artist. I've been asked several times if I'm an artist, followed usually by, "I can't draw worth a damn." Really, who cares? I couldn't either, but I decided to work at it. I don't want to hear about your limitations. Give yourself a few years to try and get good. I'm only just beginning my second year drawing. I tried guitar for 3 years, but I didn't get good enough to suit me, so I switched. I never say, "I couldn't do it." I just say, "I didn't seem to improve, although I surely must have."

Which reminds me. On artists: When Alessandra and I were at an Art Fair at Disney World last week. The tents were split into two sections. Fine Art and Folk Art. While talking to some of the fine artists, they seemed kind of "attitude-y" and no one was really talking with the other people in the other tents. But in the Folk Art, the atmosphere seemed kind of Rock n Roll. A much more casual friendly vibe. But that's just my perception.

Blah, blah, blah. Time to Post, so I can go about my business of goofing around.

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