Thursday, November 13, 2008

Caribbean Cruise 2008

The only thing better than looking at someone else's Party Pics is looking at their vacation photos! But here you are, will you click the link or not?

The above photo was taken in Cozumel while we puttered around 20' down on little personal submarine scooters. Sure we didn't see many fish because we were near a dead reef 500 feet from our ship, and it moved at a Granny pace. We were living The Abyss. Unfortunately I couldn't get close enough to Alessandra to try sound conductive transfer like I'd read in so many SF books, so we had to be content to laugh maniacally to ourselves. Note to self...buy a couple if I get rich, these things rock!

It's funny how you always look surprised in every pic. Ale, lovely as ever.
I do? That's my standard smile...

But in this instance I'm a crab: http://tinyurl.com/6hhz2n
Great photos! And nah, I enjoy looking at other's photos...I live vicariously thru the lives of others anyway, lol!

And I never knew such a contraption as an underwater scooter existed...how cool was that???
really fucking cool. Not enough time was spent on them, nor did we get to go deep enough...still though, it was awesome
Dammn that is fucking nuts. I don't go down that deep...
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