Sunday, October 26, 2008

You hear stories

about torture. And if you are a human male, very likely wonder, "I wonder if I can take it it. Could I be man enough not to break?"

Then you get soap in your eye while showering after an incredibly smokey party. When you are done crying, drooling and grinding your teeth, you know the answer.

No fucking way.

Owww fucking Owwwww!

That's definitely one for the sad trombone . . .
I dug out my old digital voice recorder. It needs batteries, but then I'll have my portable Sad Trombone until I annoy myself.

FYI, eye still tingles 16 hours later, I'm afraid to shower.
nah, you'd do fine....it is always the little things that cause the most pain...childbirth was nothing compared to loose filling or stubbed toe.....now if the torturers start inflicting paper cuts....then you might crack!!!
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