Monday, October 27, 2008

Using the Middle Eye

Speaking of eyes...I've been pondering this post for about a week or so and I was listening to NPR this weekend when I heard something interesting that moved it forward.

The speaker was a woman talking about language and infants. She said that because most babies are cradled with the left arm, it muffles the right ear and leaves the left ear exposed which connects to the right hemisphere which deals with language: intonation/accentuation, prosody, pragmatic, contextual (wiki) blah blah. (http://www.wpr.org/book/071104b.html segment 1)

This reminded of how I've been trying to view the world, which is with left eye dominance.

How do you move through the world? For those that don't know, you can willfully shift your attention. This attention is part of the active "you", and is guidable to all manner of different levels.

For example: Alessandra moves through the world looking out through her eyes. She actively, visually engages with the world. She's a sharp one for details. Like last night when she noticed the boobs of the stunt woman for Sarah Michelle Geller were vastly larger than Buffy's.

I, on the other hand, tend to move through focused on my inner eye. The world is engaged secondarily after it's processed through my own internal narrative. As a result I'm very clumsy. My attention watches movies through a secondary or tertiary layer of observation. This is good if you're a writer, but not so hot if you want to want to be a visual artist.

I have no idea why I want to be a visual artist. I can think of 3 points in my life where I was overcome with a visually creative drive, but lacking proper guidance and/or discipline, it didn't go anywhere. Rumor has it that I'm a good writer, but I think I want to stay out of my brain for while.

I have many years to go before I would consider myself competent. My first task is to learn to see the world more completely then marry that to my hand (which is goddamned difficult). I'm currently in the process of feeding my brain, by trying to focus my attention through my eyes (and subsequently my left eye for all the good it will do me). As well as filling up the tanks on other people's art.

I almost weep at the detail in images like this, and the best I can do when I see this is just open up the eye and let it all pour in for later analysis.

This has led to some stellar dreams, but it's still not the reason for this post.

The point of the post is to talk about what I call the Middle Eye. Maybe once or twice, at night. I've closed my eyes and watched pictures form themselves across the insides of my eyelids. It gives the feeling of looking through the eyes but without the analytical qualities of pulling back into the head, or drifting down into sleep. It also feels like you are peering into another world.

So this is a call for you to try and look through your middle eye. Close your eyes and look at the images without judgment and without comment, but with the intention to recall them later or to investigate the details but not allow yourself to fall deeper into your mind or to sleep.

This is very different from meditation wherein the idea is to look at the images dispassionately then move on to 1 point of focus. Here the goal is to watch the slideshow!

I'll let you know if anything more interesting happens, like the ability to freeze an image and investigate the slide with more detail without an inner monologue.

This just in: As I write this perhaps the Middle Eye slide is the visual/symbolic monologue from the Right Hemisphere?

Anyway, check it out and report back to me.

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Very intriguing post this morning....I have to think about that one. I am not sure which 'eye' I use. I am an observer and pick up details that seem to be glaring at me but others dont't see...on the other hand I also pick up on things that can't be seen...only felt.

Love the image that you posted...a feast to the eys.
Thanks breve. I do try to post some interesting stuff from time to time, it's just that often I spend a lot of time on a post and get response, so those have tapered off over the years.
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