Tuesday, October 07, 2008

How was this even found?

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Lip reader watching debate: "Did she just say "My Pussy's so hot?"

Friend/Spouse: Are you smoking crack?

LRWD: No really I swear, go back. She just said "My Pussy's so hot. With an orgasm face!"

That is hysterical.

Where did you find that?
I think she did say that!!!

On a different subject....this might be old news to you Cap'n.....

OMG! I almost pped myself laffing. I saw a button with her face on it that said "Vote for McCain because I have breasts"
*Snerk* That is hilarious.
Ok, so what happened was I there was a link at ffffound.com that took me to (nsfw) http://www.yayhooray.com/thread/115679/Best-use-of-Live-Journal-(Official)?page=411 which is sort of like a second generation 4chan Every internet meme and lolcat is found there. 400+ pages of images. It's hypnotic...I started from the beginning and the end and tried working my way towards the middle before I visualized my lifetime vanishing before my eyes. So I went back to the end and decided to go from there, and that's where I found the image.

Zeitgeist. I started watching it then turned it off as being bullshit. I gave up on master Conspiracy theory not too long ago. I believe there are smaller cons, but life has shown me a repeating cycle of 2nd and 3rd generations unable to stick to any plan their fathers have established, and they invariably fuck things up. There are groups who work to further their wealth in the name of self interest, and people who profit from disaster to further their own agendas, but like our races inability to overcome our base natures to create Nirvana, so I don't think we have the smarts to have an Illuminati running the show.
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