Thursday, October 02, 2008

How do you visualize this year and time in general?

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For some reason 1973 stands out in my memory. Not because of the events that occurred like the Oil Crisis, Watergate, Yom Kippur War, but because of how I felt at the time. I was 7 years old, but that year felt like it was clouded by a dark yellow mustard gas. That's how it felt and that's how I picture it today when I think 1973. Dark, yellow mustard cloud.

When 1974 rolled around, it felt as though a breeze came in and blew away the gas, the sky became blue again. Perhaps this is why the number 4 was my lucky number for a long time. The events of 1974? Don't know, don't remember. I just think of freshness.

Likewise when I look back on the last 8 years of the Bush Presidency, all I see is a dark cloud covering my mental image of America (which is indistinct). As I think I mentioned elsewhere, when I think about the upcoming election, all I see in my minds eye are two shapeless forces fighting tooth and nail for dominance. It goes beyond a visualization to one my brain can actually feel. The tension and ideological desperation is there like a physical presense.

So how do you picture time? My yearly calendar has the most visualization. Picture a circular clock, now tilt it backwards 45 degrees so 12 is on an upwards slope. Now squeeze in the sides so that it forms an oval. Remove the numbers. October falls into the 2:00 space, November falls in 1: December at 12. My year rotates counterclockwise. Now the colors. Of course this quadrant is yellow and orange but these months feel dark and crazy. The closer I get to the end of the year, the the crazier and "slipperier" the year feels. December to March are blue, brown, cold with an overlay of bleak and despair. Deep cold, deep despair. Spring Months are new green shoots at 9 o'clock, cold but hopeful awakening. May, June & July are full on-green until August when the green becomes dry and brown. June is the bottom of the hill before the trudge back uphill, but I like how after the first of the year, as bleak as things are, there is a subtle coasting downhill until you start to speed up at March.

My monthly calendar is virtually non-existent. Since I have no big picture of the month and what numbers fall on what days it only appears as a pop up, or zoom in on the yearly calendar.

My week operates like my yearly calendar. It is an oval but weird crowding. Saturday is at 12 o'clock. Sunday is at 9 and Monday drops in at 6. Wed at 3 with the sensation of walking up hill. So while everyone calls Wed, "Hump Day" for me there is no downhill run, even though the steepness of the hill is lessened.

Daily is nearly a wash. Even though all my time is told digital, I picture it all as analog, though I couldn't tell you what my clock looks like, what fonts are used or what the numbers and hands look like. I guess the closest would be the school clock, but I don't look at it that closely.

How do you see things?

Very interesting how you see time. I never stopped to think about it. All I see in my head are stills like Polaroid shots here and there. I think that's more memory related though. Like when certain smells take you back in time. Do you ever visualize the future?
No I don't perhaps I should try it out.
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