Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Plattner-ween

Click photo for slide show

One day left before my vacation and I am wearing my Disco Suit to the office today. Hopefully it will net me another $50 costume prize. The vintage platform shoes alone should do it for me.

Anyway here is a link to a slide show of all our Halloween Costumes over the years (since 1994). If you want to see what our party guests wore or just like looking at party pics you can go to our main site here.

And a quick tribute to my father who "passed" on this day in 1996. I miss you and wonder occasionally wonder which phase of the friendly or fighting cycle we'd be in now or what you'd think of me at age 41. I'm glad we were in the friendly phase when you died.

Dad would be as proud of you as I am. You a great person, wonderful son and husband. Who loves you baby?
Halloween is the greatest! Looking back at all those photos just shows how that's our favorite holiday ;-)

And I definitely agree with your mom. Your father would be proud of you today. We all are!
What a bunch of fantastic costumes!!! I am never that creative. The scariest one though....the clowns!!! They freak me out!!!!

Happy Halloween!!!
Thanks Mom and Bianca. I don't feel like a 41 year old man. So it's kind of weird to judge where I am in life.
Happy Halloween! Your photos are a blast!
One of these days you have to come back to STL for a visit. If we weren't leaving for a cruise, I'd say come in for the party and stay with us.
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