Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Drawings 10.29.08

drawing 10.29.08

Some drawings by me done tonight. They aren't really supposed to look like people yet. They are synthetic forms showing gesture, action and mass. I'm clearly not ashamed of them due to the fact I'm posting this.

They're a helluva lot better than my people. I really need to work on human form.
I envy anyone that can draw. funny but all three of my kids are really good artist; they won't make money off anything they do,but it is good all the same. Beyond me where they got the talent because as crooked as my straight lines are, their father's are even worse....
Mac-you do an awesome alien though!

Breve-You're new to my world, what you don't know is that I'd been trying to learn guitar for 3 years before I gave it up for drawing. I'm new out of the box and this is something shown after a year of almost nightly drawing. I'm still trying to align my eyes and hands. I'm actually a word guy.
those are great mark!
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