Monday, October 13, 2008

Alessandra Votes

Ale votes.jpg

Since she's been naturalized, Alessandra is a first time Presidential Election Voter. She's filling out an Absentee Ballot. Doesn't she look adorable in pig tails?

Ale Votes 2.jpg

I wonder who she voted for.

Ale Votes 3.jpg

Ahhhhh. Thank you for participating in the 2008 Presidential Election.

since no one is commenting on my huge milestone... i will.
McCain and Palin: you suck! take that bitches!
Fucking A, Yeah!
I do have the most adorable daughter in law. I'll 3rd your comments. Congratulations to us on our wise decisions
I'll be casting my Obama vote on the 4th at 6AM.

WTG Alessandra!
Hurrah1 I actually worked last election "canvassing" the absentee ballots and was surprised at how many were filled out wrong, not signed etc. Good Job, American Woman! (You did sign it, right? Check to make sure you sign on the outside of envelope if you are supposed to, that's what many did not do...)
Signed and notarized.

Earl...we'll be at sea when the US burns down.
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