Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up

I hope all of my regular readers had a nice weekend.

I put in 50 miles of cycling on Saturday, 40 on Sunday, watched the rest of Season 1 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, had lunch with my sister sans kids and asshole husband, watched Tropic Thunder (freakin hilarious) with Mr & Mrs No Longer Crazy Legs Dave, had dinner & ice cream with The Beautiful Kind (sure we can talk about anal rape role play til the cows come home but I don't get mindblown discovered that she grew up less than 500 feet from where I grew up yet never met her as child...6 years age difference means a great deal when you're young) got a little drawing in and now I'm back at work.

Cap'n Marrrrk says you need a Tuesday Pickme Up

Bang your head bitches!


How are you watching Buffy? On DVD or Hulu.com? I think its time I got Gia to watch the full series. She is gonna love it.
DVD. Someone has loaned us up to Season 5. After that, The Library.

I like Joss, it's good tv filler while I do other thingsm
Hey, I like my new name...
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