Monday, September 29, 2008

Still the neatest place in St. Louis, but mannnnnnn

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For those newcomers to NTM, I've posted the link here before to the handsdown coolest place to visit in St. Louis The City Museum. It is an old shoe factory that that has been taken over and turned into a warren of tunnels and mazes which contains both a bar and a performing circus, is open until 1 am on weekends, has live music, crazy-ass slides, one of which is a 5 story helix slide which leaves one dizzy when you hit bottom.

Read More about it here

Anyway, I love, love, LOVE the place, but I went on Saturday with my 9 year old niece who blew through the tunnels like they were mist, and with in minutes I was totally battered and contused. People: I felt OLD and that shit I do not like. I have to ask what good is going to Boot Camp, slimming down, boosting my cardio and then saying, "Oh shit, this is NOT as fun I as I want it to be"? I think I'll blame my joints and bones. 99% percent of the tunnels have cement floors. The others are steel mesh. Perhaps I need to add some sort of yoga, or I can just blame the cement.

Sounds like a cool place...if I was 20 years younger!

And I love Gonzo as Hunter Thompson!!! Always makes me laugh ;)
They rent knee pads, kids of all ages run around there. You just have to be prepped.
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