Monday, September 15, 2008

Start a New Tradition

Happy Mirthday!

This past Saturday I surprised Alessandra with "Alessandra Day" which was her Mirthday Day. Every year for the past 5 years or so Alessandra and I pick one random day out of the year to celebrate a Birthday Like day complete with Gift, Card and Cake with the added bonus of the recipient getting to call the shots all day long from favorite meal, to entertainment to saying, "Fuck the dishes today is my Mirthday." The only rule is this: the recipient must have no idea when it is! They wake up and BAM!

I idea of the Mirthday came from the year I asked my parents if we could celebrate my Birthday on June 3rd instead of December 3rd because I was tired of getting winter clothing as gifts and I would like to have a pool party at their house and invite my friends over, so they could meet them. Unfortunately, my Dad died before this occurred, and at some point Alessandra and I decided to invent Mark/Alessandra Day, but this year I realized it should be called Mirthday.

So here world, take it and run. Everyone should celebrate a Mirthday with their families. It's like winning the lottery.

Here's what we did for Ale's Mirthday. I cooked her her favorite meal, I brushed her hair, rubbed her feet, then we went to the Roller Derby and ate Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen.

A smaller tradition: In my nuclear unit, after the someone blows the candles our on a birthday or mirthday cake, we do the Hokey Pokey. Left arm, Right arm and Butt, because getting a room full of people to shake their butts all about, is a guaranteed laugh.

What a fantastic idea! I should totally do this for my husband who was born, unfortunately for him, on Christmas Day. :oP
My boyfriend and I are going to have to start doing this.

Thanks for the brilliant idea!
We have to get around to the anniversary art project that you came up with. Would you mind if I posted it here?
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