Monday, September 08, 2008

Back from the Ride

t's Monday and I'm still trying to get my shit together from the weekend.

My MS Bike Ride was this past weekend and I rode 115 Miles with relative impunity. The 75 was surprisingly easy on Saturday, and Sunday I didn't really hurt until around 30 miles, but I stretched the kinks out. I think I could have have gone the distance but the Team I was riding with decided to only do the 40 on Sunday.

Team Playing: Those of you who know me know I'm not much of a team player. The last 4 years of the MS Ride, most of the teams I rode with were spread across the length of the ride so I mostly rode solo. Last year I was completely on my own. This year I rode with a team (The Heavy Pedal Band) at the same pace, the same rest stops etc the entire way and had a hella good time.

Columbia, MO where I went to college. It's been 4 years of going back for the MS Bike ride, it's the first time I didn't see the ghosts of my past everywhere. Now it's just another quickly gentrifying town. I stopped into town to go to an awesome used bookstore to discover the building had been knocked down and replaced by an art gallery. Further down the street and Art Gallery Store had been replaced by a bookstore (though not even as close to cool as the other one) The main "district" is now riddled with Tattoo Parlors. The art at the one I stopped in (and only 500 ft from campus near the bars) had terrible artwork. I'd be embarrassed to get work done there.

Blah, blah, blah. Not much much else going on. I'm looking forward to going back to Boot Camp this week as I missed out from not killing myself with training last week.

Hopefully I'll have some fun posts sometime this week.


Hey! I searched your blog for this post to see how you made out on the MS ride. Looks like you had a good time. Everyone's not cut out for the "team" approach, are they? I find it can be difficult. I've done adventure challenges which are a team effort but it can get hairy if everyone wants to be the boss. I did a team triathlon (canoe, bike, run) two weeks ago though and had a great time. Even when my teammate had to tie me to his hip with a rope during the run so I wouldn't slow down. (or maybe because of that!) We came in sixth in of the co-ed teams, not bad for my first try. I want to hear more about the boot camp!!!
Hey Chiavata,
You actually searched for this? That's great! Now I feel bad that I removed my search window because it clashed with new colors.

The funny part was, our captain was very interested in a woman who ended up riding the 75. He said if he'd known he would have done the extra route in order to chase some tail. Hahahaha!

Boot Camp info can be found here: http://fitness.meetup.com/326/members/4105247/

Check out the pictures of Teya. She's 47 and built like a Brick (da-da-dahhh-dah) Howwwwse!

I seem to fall either at the bottom of the elite grouping or the top of the "doing really good" group. So I feel pretty good about it.

Sometimes I lead the group when there is no one else to do so, but of the 3 of us who do, I'm the least hardest on everyone because I'm insecure in my leadership.

Thanks for commenting!
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