Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alessandra does Boot Camp

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In an amazing turn of events I have to crow about from the rooftop of my tiny blog, Alessandra suggested last night that she come to my weekly boot camp to see how it goes.

Luckily for her though, there was no official boot camp going that night, but I still took her through the park and ran her through the boot camp "as if".

She did great though I'm pretty sure it busted her ass. We ran and kicked tennis balls while holding weights. Then we did push ups, triceps jump ups, a sprint. Abs came next followed by walking lunges and run back to base.

I hope that come tomorrow her body doesn't cramp up and cry bloody murder. While boot camp can be hard, the turn around to fit is fairly rapid.

So congratulations Alessandra!

Yay to me!!! I'm sore but so glad I did it :-)
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