Wednesday, August 06, 2008

When it rains...

Two days ago Cybil, the car Ale's Cynthia gave us, crapped out the other day right before I turned into the parking lot at my office. Luckily I had the momentum to cruise in to my parking spot as the smoke started to rise from the engine...After the long tow back to STL, it was revealed that I had a cracked head gasket. Today I was told the cylinder head was warped from heat and that it would be more economical to replace the engine.

Yikes! So Ale and I have to car pool now and I have to travel an additional 18 miles each way to pick her up and drop her off.

Then this morning, my Backup drive catastrophically crashed talking all my stuff with it. I find this odd because I run 3 computers constantly, and have for years and none of those drives have crashed, but this one, which I've only had for a year went belly up.

Luckily, we have a backup for our back up at Alessandra's office, and our first one is under warranty. All my other lost files are replaceable, it's just an inconvenience.


Oh yeah, the company I work for was just sued for 25 Million Dollars. So, I hope I get to keep my job. BTW. I'm not at liberty to discuss this, even if I actually knew anything (which I don't). So if you comment on it, please don't use the name of my company because Legal is always on the search for key words. Thanks


That sucks. All around.

Is the AG that is bringing the suit against your company the same guy who ran for Prez oh so many years ago?
Negative: It's Jerry Brown JR. I thought so too.

Thanks for your agreement. But hey, I got my health.
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