Monday, August 11, 2008

Sock Dreams.com: Proud Sponsors of The Heavy Pedal Band


I love email surprises, and while I knew it was coming, the donation from Bsti and Niqkita Natosi of

Sock Dreams

~ unique sexy comfy socks for unique sexy people, was extremely generous.

The amazing part is that I have known Bsti as an on-line friend for years, but have yet to actually meet him in person. If I could, I would travel to Portland just to give them both a hug and hang out for a while.

The same goes for Spinning Girl, who also chipped in with a fat donation irregardless of having actually met me to receive a hug for her hard-earned teacher cash.

This is not to say that big donations = big accolades (though it does get an unsolicited advertising post here at NTM!). The Beautiful Kind - Ramblings of an Expert Slut and Nympho Sex Goddess also donated a modest-sized, but BIG on heart (shaped box), check to the cause. I know with certainty that she's on a tight budget and my heart swelled when I saw the email confirmation this past weekend.

So there you go. What started as a straight advertising post for Sock Dreams, turned into a post on the value of internet friendships. I don't get emotional very often about such things, but my heart is extremely mushy with gratitude at the moment.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thank you kind near strangers for supporting me and making me look good to the National MS Society...because we all know, image is everything.

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crap, is it too late to donate? it is a good cause. If not what is the link?

Oh, cool socks, gonna get me some of the thigh highs for sexy PA winters.
Hi Sandra,

It's never too late to donate, thank you very, very, very much!

Always glad to help a good cause, Olde Friende.
Thanks for riding for a good cause
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