Tuesday, August 19, 2008


MMM-Pie reads the license plate of Ben the Groom. So for fun Alessandra knitted him a pie for his wedding. How cool is that!

Which one is real?
My gorgeous wife shows off her handiwork. Which one is real?

Knitted Pie
A close up of the meringue handiwork!

The pie comes equipped with straps so you can slide your hand in then smash someone in the face with it. Here I am smacking my friend Dr. Lily Munster in the face.

Line for praising the awesomeness of the pie/hotness of the wife forms in the comments below.

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OK, I'll bite.
1. Your wife is "teh hawtness"
2. She has got MAD knitting skills. :o)
Awesome pie, and no calories. Love the pie-in-the-face hand option. And yes, u have a hot wife. How did THAT happen?
Katie: She does (1) and is (2) indeed, though she'd be the first to deny it.

Sandra: we were discussing it last night. Apparently it's because I'm funny.
We all like your wife's pie. *snickers* Knitted pie that is.
Not only is your wife hot... so is Dr. Munster. :D

And that little outfit she is wearing. :)
I have to agree with you. Dr. Munster is 5'2" of hot and wicked smaht funny.
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