Saturday, August 02, 2008

How weird is that?

Reality: I am on a bike ride with my collegiate friend Sappo. We are 15 miles out from Cap'n HQ not too far from the house of Eileen's parents. Eileen=First ever collegiate girlfriend, lives in Portland, OR. I have pulled ahead of Sappo and am waiting for him to catch up.

Imagination: A car drives by. It is Eileen and her dad, Bob. Eileen says, "Holy Shit! That's Cap'n Marrrrk, pull over."

Hey Cap'n Marrrrk!

Holy Shit Eileen, what are you doing in town? Hey' you're in town and you haven't called me?

Reality: I pop out of the day dream as Sappo pulls up. "Hey Sappo, what do you think about when you ride?"

Sappo: "You aren't going to believe this, but Eileen came into (the restaurant I manage) last Thursday night?"

Me: Wow, that's really tripped out because you'll never guess what I was just thinking." I tell him. It's only natural that she doesn't call me. I was only an Ex from 20 years ago. But to make it even weirder is this: Thursday Night I was talking on the phone to Tiffany who was Eileen's room mate at the time we first met. Tiffany had found me on Facebook after a 7 year communication blackout. She lives in Italy and was back in the States for a month to visit her mother in Texas, so she thought she'd call with cheaper LD rates.

How weird is that? Nearly weird enough to make me think Cosmic Plans and Coincidences were at work. But then I wised up.

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