Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What's Wrong With This Painting?

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I saw this painting last week and I was struck by...something about it. I think it's supposed to be whimsy, but in my mind comes across as a deliberate attempt to rewrite history. Look, "The People" are undereducated enough as it is. Do we really need an extra-discreet piece of misinformation lodged in our heads?

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Those golden arches look a little out of place in 1904. Good catch.
Heh...I looked at it a good long while asking myself, "Is it the balloons? Is there something wrong with what people are wearing? Maybe it's the architecture? Ohhhh, yes, it's the architecture."
My first reaction was "I know I've seen this in a McDonalds somewhere before."

I didn't realize just how right I was :(
Hi Katie, & Ben.
Ben: Aren't you a vegetarian? What were you doing there.

Katie. Yeah that too. I'm pretty sure a castle was never on display in 1904. I'll even say, I'll bet there were no balloons either.

But in case you missed it, someone painted a McDonalds in there, possibly confusing people into thinking McDonalds existed in 1904. I'm likely reading between the lines, but you never know.
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