Monday, July 21, 2008

Update: We be scammed!

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We did get our cancellation notice in within the 3 days and we are out of the "contract". They come to replace our system and fix us up again with ADT in early August.

Fuck you APX


My sister and brother in-law own a chimney sweeping company and they are constantly waging war against just about every other company who use scam tactics like this alarm company.

They hired a guy from another company once. First job out they get on the roof and the guy lowers his shoulder into the chimney causing a shitload of damage. My brother in-law freaked out on him. He said every company he has ever worked at does stuff like this. Now they have a chimney repair instead of just a cleaning. He was fired immediately and my brother in-law had to go down and explain what had happened to the home owner. Fixing the chimney for no charge, of course.

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