Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This is why I can't have nice things

Less than 20 rides with the new bike and I've already broken it. It does amuse me though how it happened:

Sunday I was out riding with my friend Sapo and we were down by the Anheuser-Busch Brewery. I was reflecting about the Inbev buyout (not yet happened) and I was thinking about a lot of those smug AB suits I've met in my time possibly losing their jobs. Sorry, sometimes I'm petty, and while I understand not all AB guys are smug, there are some guys who have been douchie towards me and my coworkers over the years, and I wouldn't mind seeing them out on their asses.

So while I was thinking about this, I took a corner too fast, my thin road bike rear tire slid out from behind me and I found myself bouncing off the pavement with only a scrape and a small strawberry to show for it. Lucky me.

The bike looked fine until I went for a ride yesterday when my deraillur (the gear changing mechanism) snapped off while I was ascending a hill and got tangled up in my spokes.

Luckily I was not too far from home, so I hefted my bike over my shoulder and walked it.

Now the shameful part. I was hoping that the deraillur was still under warranty so I took it to the bike shop hoping for a free fixey. I didn't want to admit that I fell off my bike, but unfortunately, the guys who fix the bike knew that this was impact damage (the scab on my arm, I'm sure was a dead giveaway), after several mentions of "going down" and "wiping out" I told him "bicycle forensics has outed the truth from me. Yes, I did indeed fall off my bike, damn you Bike CSI!" And we had a laugh.

Still though, I have to pay to fix it...Damn it.

In other news
I'm adding another project to my list of things to do during the week. Drawing, Exercising and now...meeting with a friend to help her with a screenplay she wants to write!

Yes I'm signing on as a writing partner which excites me to no end because someone to bounce crazy ideas off of in the hopes of producing some creative work is something I've wanted for decades but never knew how to go about it, and she approached me.

We don't quite know what its gonna be yet, but I'm hoping for the funny because we are bother highly interested in the nature of comedy.

More as it develops.


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