Thursday, July 10, 2008

Speaking of Stuff: How does it feel to lose everything?

Nine days before TED2008, filmmaker David Hoffman lost almost everything he owned in a fire that destroyed his home, office and 30 years of passionate collecting. He looks back at a life that's been wiped clean in an instant -- and looks forward.

It's interesting. Over the years I've kind of offloaded most of my stuff, much of which I'd never really accumulated in the first place. Oh I do have stuff and crap but very few things I think of as "mine". And of those, that "box of memories", I never look inside at the old birthday cards and occasional letters. I think it's because I may find it too painful to look at cards from estranged or dead family, but that's neither here nor there.

My books (most of what I think are my possessions) are replaceable, Alessandra has dozens of irreplaceable photo albums. My wife and my pets are my most "cherished possessions", but there you go. I'm not a huge ass film maker which a huge ass archive.

What would you do?


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