Friday, July 25, 2008

The Secret Warm Up Dance

Years ago, Alessandra took several african dance classes while I played djembe with a group for them. She had wanted to video tape just the warm up so she could do it at home and practice her skills, but her instructor wanted to keep the secret.

One day I took notes, and nearly 8 years later I found them in an old notebook. So here they are. Careful now, it's akin to calling down the lightning:
(note: assume the change rhythm between each move)

Doot todoot todoot dat-dat-dat!

Do do dat da dat, Do do dat da dat...

Neck Foward

Doot todoot todoot dat-dat-dat!


Side to Side

Side to Side Faster

Left, Down, Up, Right, Left

Left to RIght, Down

L -> R, Down Faster

L->R Bob head twice on each side

L->R Arms Out

Egyptian Neck Side to side

Egyptian Neck front to back

Head Bob arms up

Head bob arms up, down flip

Head bob, arms up, walk

Shoulders & Arms up-Reach

Shoulders, Squat,

Shoulder Roll front & Back

Shoulder Roll front & Back, fast

Shoulder roll

Should roll, chicken flap

Pelvic Thrust

Pelvic Thrust Up & Down, fast

Arms Forward-hip sway

Hip walk circle

hip walk circle-reverse direction

Hips move in directions

Arms up-Back Kick

Arms wave Back

Arms Wave Front

Arms Wave Twist

Arms Wave Dance

Circular Arms

Circular Arms-Walk Sideways

Arms up & Down

Arms up & Down, Squat

Arms up & Down, Squat Crap Walk

Doggie Pelvis

Doggie Arch Back

Doggie Arch Back, Fast

Doggie Arch Back Head Roll

Doggie Arms Circle

Doggie Arms Out

Prayer arms out

Arms out, walk backwards

Slow Hips Palms Out

Palms out, Hop

Palms Hips again

Palms, Hips, Pelvic Thrust

Palms out, hop back

Palms up, Pelvic Thrust

Pelvic Thrust, Chop Wood

Palms Up, Pelvic Thrust-go lower

(note: found in note "Practice hip stuff on Plattner")

Arms out, bird jump

Big Aerobic thing, knees up

Bird Arms, Aerobic Jump Twist

Foot run Arms out, One at at time.


OK people get cracking! Now send me your videos. Heh.

this is wonderful! brilliant even just reading it aloud :D almost as good as reading Karawane by Hugo Ball ;)
Thanks. It's funny, Ale and I were talking about recently and how we couldn't remember what she had done. And now here it is, and some stuff I can remember, but some things are like, "What?"

I'm sure you can deconstruct it and rebuild it for a dance.
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