Friday, July 25, 2008

Must Every Movie Really Have to be Remade?

MTV readies 'Rocky Horror' redux -

If every movie is remade, what will happen when Hollywood runs out of remakes? Remake the remake? It's more likely than you think. Just call it, "reimagining".

Not like Rocky Horror is any good to being with. In fact, it's fucking awful especially when you are watching it sober in your apartment on VHS. But from time to time, it is fun to watch at midnight with your friends.

Capn's Rocky Horror Memories:

Going in 1978-ish with my Baby Sitter to the Midnight Show.

Nearly getting molested by some guy who wouldn't take his hands off me at a SciFi convention while I was paralyzed with drink.

Meeting some strange girl in the theater and getting laid in a friends van towards the end of the movie ending with all my friends opening all the van doors at the same time when the movie let out!

Some sort of vomiting thing and spaying people with beer during the "Light Over at the Frankenstein Place" number.

Causing the local characters to stop acting and crowd around Ale and I because we had cool LED lights flashing "Time Warp" & "Frank N Furter" during the Time Warp.

Anyway, you don't remake Citizen Kane with Shia Labeouf, you can't remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show without Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and that other guy. And they're too fucking old, so therefore you don't remake it. Besides, have you actually watched it? It sucks.

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