Monday, July 28, 2008

Highlights from an Eventful Weekend

A flat tire on my backup bike necessitates an emergency pickup from Alessandra 12 miles from home. I no sooner get the tire fixed. $$ when I get the call my primary bike is fixed $$.

A super secret personal project takes up all of Saturday afternoon. I discover there are things I cannot discuss here at NTM! Chris M. knows what I'm talking about though. I'll give you a hint. Did you know that the first act on the first episode of the The Muppet Show is Menomina which is really fucking hilarious.

I win $70 for Second Place in a costume contest at a 70's Theme Party.

I discover The Middleman - Official TV Show Website. It's pretty damn snappy!


After a 20 mile bike ride, I meet a local Sex Blogger move. Having Stumbled Upon her, I discover that she is far more than the blog persona (aren't we all?), as well as very Nerd Girl Chic. In an amazing coincidence, it was discovered kind of know her exhusband and spent time chatting with him at the 70's party the night before. It was an all too brief meeting as I had more stuff to do that day, but pleasant in a moving a bunch of shit on a hot day kind way.

Followed by some tv with the wife, a nap and a boot camp.

Today is Monday and I'm spent!

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I love me a good sex blogger.

Violet Blue over at TinyNibbles.com is my internet crush. Geeks are sexy.
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