Saturday, July 12, 2008

Froggies say: NOM NOM NOM

Feeding our White's Tree Frogs has become a bi-nightly hilarious circus that we finally got captured in video. As it goes, when the camera is out, the frogs usually don't perform. Other night, Kiff Croaker leaped out of the tank, bounced off the cat's head then leaped another 4 feet into a soft cat. Picking him up was like finding a piece of chewed gum at PetSmart. He was so hairy he needed a rinse off.

Here are some antics from last night:

In other news
The Cap'n is Back!

Afte 9 months or so (nearly a full year total), I'm secure enough at my job to pull the Cap'n Marrrrk identity back out from under sink in the basement bathroom and put him back on. Feels nice....

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LMAO at the frogs. Nice to hear your voices. What is that tattoo on your arm? And welcome back Cap'n...

My favorite part of the video was the cat's involvment. Those kooky kittys.
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