Thursday, June 19, 2008


For heath reasons I have to give up coffee, and I am miserable without it. I've been weening myself off it and I'm down to 1.5 cups of half caff a day. World around me is a crushing dullness of slowwwwwww. I'm afraid of gaining weight from an increased appetite. It doesn't help that last night I ate a thick-ass Fried Bologna Sandwich with a side of Mac n Cheese.

At work there are two women who work in the same department at my office. They often walk by my cubicle together. They are both very nice...BUT one is a Little Person and the other is very obese and every time, I can't help but wonder how many of the small one would equal one of the big one.

Bumper Sticker Sighted: Children are Gift From God.

Yes at least until they stab you when you're sleeping or some other such foolishness: 17 Gloucester High teens involved in pregnancy pact

There is a data provider who has a product called Amadaus. So when I said, "Rock me Amadaus!" One of my workers said, "What?"
"You know...the song: Rock Me Amadaus!"
"I never heard of it."
"It must be because I'm Ollllllld! Oh there's Old Man Mark again talking about the 80's when I was just a baby!"

I didn't even attempt, "Dr. Zaius"


Oh man, I loved the "Rock me, Amadeus" song! Why did synths ever go out of style?

I wanted to pass along my "how I kicked coffee" tip. I started drinking one cup of black tea every day. It was just enough to take the edge off, without going through caffeine withdrawal. After a month or so of black tea, I switched to green tea. At that point, my caffeine addiction was reduced enough that I could do that without going through withdrawal. Then, I eventually switched to herbal tea. Now, I don't drink caffeine at all. Every once in a while if I am really desperate, I have some decaf, but, after a year or so, I managed to break the habit thanks to tea.
Hey N,
Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately the black tea burns my belly more than the coffee. But I'll survive, I'm down to a small amount daily, and when that goes...I'll buy no more.
too bad about the coffee, good luck finding a substitute or getting used to live w/o chemical enhancement.

DLing some Poi Dog Pondering right now, thanks for the rec!

Also, I was born in the 80s and I totally knew both those songs.
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