Friday, June 13, 2008

Noose Necklaces Net Nagging

Disney 'Noose' Necklaces Raise Concerns

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Necklaces with golden noose-shaped pieces being sold to promote Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean line have some people fuming.

"It looks like a noose and I don't like it," a resident said after seeing the jewelry.

The necklace is being carried by some online retailers but cannot be found on Disney.com. However, it is part of Disney Couture's Pirates of the Caribbean line, WTSP-TV reported.

"I think that is ridiculous to let people see that and the kids today," a man said.

St. Petersburg's NAACP President Norman Brown said the necklace raised racial overtones for him.

"If I saw someone wearing that, I would be uncomfortable with that, regardless of what race because, to me, it's like taking the law into your own hands," Brown said. "The thing that came to my mind when I saw the noose was lynchings."

The jewelry line also features a necklace with skull and cross bones and slingshot bobbles.

The NAACP said they don't believe Disney meant any harm by the necklace but they are asking the company not to display it at theme parks or online.

Disney has not commented on the jewelry.

I've seen something as simple as a mock noose shut down a whole production line, due to the racial connotations it carries. I can't believe Disney, of all corporations, was so insensitive to this as to make one out of gold.
I've seen something as simple as a mock noose shut down a whole production line

I have no idea what that means, but I believe you.

Lets not forget that they have "Splash Mountain" which is the "Song of the South" characters, as well as using Zippy de doo dah! around the park, even though the movie has been pulled.

Hope all is well in Ohio.
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