Friday, June 20, 2008

A nice break for a change...

I'm so used to the world shitting on me (yes, yes the Eternal Victim), that it's a great relief when something nice happens for a change.

It's rather crass to complain about not having air conditioning when folks a few hundred miles to the North are losing everything, so I didn't. However the pleasant surprise came when the Home Shield Insurance pretty much paid for a whole new fucking unit!

What I mean by "world shitting" is this: usually things don't break my way when it comes to...uh stuff. You know, you take the car in for an oil change and you end up needing a new clutch, kind of stuff. You know how it goes...but oddly enough, as I get older, I know this really isn't the case, and even as I write this, I can think of two recent things (not including getting a job at a place I actually argued against my skills with the recruiter), that broke my way. So I know this is a gross exaggeration.

So I come home today and there is a brand new AC unit on the side of the house, Ale tells me that we only paid $300 for labor but that all the equipment outside and downstairs would have run us over $1500, so a big honkin' W00T! on that.

On a side note: Today was also Super Hot Chick Day at Boot Camp. It keeps my attention. Somehow I became a group leader, so I ran the class today. I'm really beginning to love the endorphin rush after class, and it was a drag that there were 5 days between classes I could make it. I think I'm going to be hurting tomorrow. Luckily, my recovery time is much quicker now.

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