Monday, June 23, 2008

More than 7 Dirty Words

Remember as you read the quick quotes that pop up today about George Carlin's Death, and the bummed out eulogies (of which I am indeed bummed out), that he was far more than "The Hippie Dippy Weatherman" and the 7 Dirty Words guy. George was a Master of Observation, and the foundation of his humor was NOT about the silly little foibles of American Culture that make us chuckle, but focused on the the major train wrecks and squandered birthright of the human animal.

He hated humanity in the general and loved individuals in the specific, and I'm glad he lived long enough to make us squirm with discomfort when faced with the mirror then achieve catharsis with laughter. At the end he was a cranky old-fart, with a laser-eye and the courage to tell us all to fuck off. And for that, I'll miss him.

Here are a few links I'd posted the last couple of years.

Dumb Americans

Fuck The Children

"101 Greatest" George Carlin Quotes

addendum: You're All Diseased (entire show)


I count myself lucky to have seen him perform live, though it was during his even crankier, cranky guy period. Brilliant mind, I'm totally bummed.

"Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist"

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