Friday, June 27, 2008

The Coffee Alchemist is dead

Now that I have run out of coffee after the weaning process it's time to close up the Lab, put away the presses, the filters, and the airtight containers.


My appetite is getting stronger without my Black Mistress.

Tomorrow I officiate Crazy Legs Dave's wedding at a Glass Factory! Coolness

The other day I ran nearly 6 miles by the time my workout was complete. Oddly enough my heart rate hasn't dropped that much so I need to wear my monitor and keep within my 75-85% of my max so I work aerobically and not anaerobic.

On Tuesday I bumped a car while parallel parking and the guy, who was sitting in a restaurant came running out to yell at me. Of course there was not even a scuff mark on his license plate, and while he was yelling, I said, "If you want we can call the police." and he backed down. Alessandra and I ate our entire meal and when we went outside to the car we had seen that the doofus moved his car 1/2 a block down? WTF. Alessandra just figures he's a secret car fucker.


Stopped drinking coffee? INFIDEL!
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