Sunday, June 15, 2008

An cute story

We had a party last night. Festa Junina, which is the Brazilian Harvest Festival where everyone dresses up like Brazilian Hillbillies (which look pretty much like American Hillbillies), and they dance etc.

Some guests to our parties bring their children, often with nothing to entertain them. So last night, seeing that they were already bored 5 minutes within walking in, decided to put on a movie for them.

What should I put on? Kill Bill Nah. Looney Tunes? Sure...Wait...The Princess Bride!

Mark: Yes! You kids have to watch The Princess Bride. Its one of my favorites and one of the best movies ever.

Gabriel (age 7) Can we watch Looney Tunes please?

Mark: No. I promise you'll love it. Sure it's got a girly name, but it's got sword fights, and giants, and monsters and all kinds of cool stuff.

The movie comes on and Grandpa tells Fred Savage pretty much the same thing I just told Gabriel. I think it reassured him as he didn't say anything else after the movie started. Maybe he was just hypnotized by the magic picture box.

Princess Buttercup is kidnapped and jumps overboard from the ship. Here come the Shrieking Eels. The eel turns and charges

Caroline (Age 11): Ahhhh! I'm scared!...Eel scene cuts to Grampa telling Fred Savage, "The eels don't eat the Princess. I just thought I'd tell you because you look a little worried. Then it's back to the eel scene.

During the sword fight I hear Caroline say, "Wow, cool!"

Eric the Dad walks by, looks at the TV: Oh wow, The Princess Bride! I'm gonna stay and watch it.

5 minutes later, Alessandra walks by: "Ooo! The Princess Bride!

A little while after that, the tv party got broken up by the fact of the Festa Junina. But for a short time there was some small coincidental magic going on. Later I gave the dvd to Eric to take with him and he said they would all watch it together at home.

That's all for now.

The Princess Bride is one of the very few movies that can be called perfect.

I think about it alot on Father's Day because it was one of my father's favorite films. He used to quote it all the time.
I was thinking that very thing shortly before writing this post.

That's nice that it reminds you of your father.
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