Sunday, May 18, 2008

Where's the Capn?

I've been putting off the personal post for weeks because again, there's been no coherent events worth actually posting about that wouldn't fit in a Twitter post, so I saved em up for a mishmash of a Sunday Morning Post.

In no particular order:

  1. I am officiating a wedding in Salt Lake City next weekend. We are flying in to Boulder and driving with our friends: Doctors J and Feelgood and their daughter Sophie (an under-under Grad). We are sharing a room and I assured them that even though Sophie is only 1 year old it will be no problem. Ale and I are excited because it's a gathering of friends who have moved away from STL who haven't gathered in years. I'm expecting lots of much needed laughter.

  2. Health Issues
    After experiencing a lot of pelvic pain for months, Alessandra had laparoscopy where it was discovered she has a 2x2" fibroid behind her uterus as well as spots of endometriosis. The endo was removed, the fibroid is still there and it will be 6 months until we find out what is going to happen with that little fucker. She could take medicine to shrink it, but apparently there is a huge chance that the "cure" is worse than the problem and could have permanent side-effects. Key word: Lupron

  3. Work
    This is a complex issue. I don't dislike my job, and I don't dislike my boss (he's quite a nice guy. Unskilled in social, extremely smart and observant, but nice.) but both kind of bug me.

    My job is to build a web site with lots of moving parts, unfortunately I have don't have access to 50% of my code because it's locked up either by our IT department or by our new Search Engine Provider. It's like being asked to build a car without either the manual, the necessary parts and being told that the headlights have to go in the front when you really need them to go on the side. So thats kind of frustrating. My boss while nice, likes to stand by me looking at the code I do have, and he invades the crap out my personal space. And when he's smacking away on gum while in my personal space, I want to scream and/or push him away. But I think the job itself is going well enough. Edwardsville though, still weirds me out. Also the daily 60 mile round trip is playing hell with our cars. I've always worked only 5 minutes from my house, the 1/2 each way across crappy always under construction Missouri highways and crappier cheesegrater through swamp and ghetto highways has already cost me 1 windshield and put a total of 6 6! chips and chunks taken out of the windshields of both cars.

  4. Media Rodeo
    • Across the Universe: Fucking Awful. John, if you are reading this, you were right to refuse to watch this. While I am not against musicals nor covering another bands tunes in your own style, when it's done right (Hayseed Dixie, Dred Zeppelin) your ear and imagination are enlarged, but when it's done wrong it's a fucking train wreck.

    • Coupling: a show from the UK that ran from 2000-2004. Similar in character structure to Friends but about 5000x funnier, sexier and racier. Put it on your Netflix Queue today.

    • BSG & Lost
    • Still the best shows on TV today, pretty much the only things I look forward to watching. I don't have a lot of time for TDS and Colbert.
    • Pandora Radio. I have no idea how I lived without this. Too bad my internet at work is so godawful slow, so I can only listen to this from time to time.

  5. Leftovers
    I'm trying to hit the Boot Camp 2-3 times a week as time permits. It kicks my ass, but it seems to be working. I finally went for a bike ride yesterday and I noticed that while my cycling muscles weren't up to snuff, my cardio fucking rocked.

    The 100 eyes project As I continue to learn to draw, I found a few good books on-line to really instruct me on drawing. There are so many different ways to learn to draw (most of the books miss what I think is critical information), but I am still trying to draw every day. So one book really nails down the anatomy and how to draw it, so I'm working my way through that book. The first thing is eyes and I put it into my head to draw 100 eyes before I move on to the mouth. I think 100 is pretty excessive, so maybe when I get to mouths it will be 50-75, but still. even at 35, my eyes are only "OK" so perhaps its a good thing.

And so it goes:

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I'm glad I did not watch Across The Universe. The last bad movie I watched was Southland Tales. Strangely fascinating, yet so poorly executed. I couldn't stop thinking about it after watching it. A cross between 12 Monkeys, and Wild Palms. Deb liked it. (go figure)
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