Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Toucan Sam

My sister came away from her focus group $150 bucks richer with no embarrassment...which I suppose is a good thing.

The answers I provided turned out to be unsuitable for the Marketers because they were too intelligently written.

Marketer to my sister: I want you all to write an obituary for Fruit Loops Cereal.

Sister: You mean the toucan?

Marketer: No just the cereal. How did the cereal die?

Me (in my head to the Marketer): Look lady, you can't just bump off a cereal that isn't anthropomorphized. It needs a face, hands...something for us to identify with otherwise it's just the Monolith from 2001. Ok, ok, Fruit Loops died because it didn't contain enough nutrients to feed a Marketer.


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